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Celebrating The New Year Without Alcohol IS Possible

How we start the year can be a huge determining factor on the behavior and attitude we keep for the next 12 months. Deciding to start off with sobriety can be a powerful decision we make to maintain that goal. However, that means forgoing one of the biggest drinking holidays of the year. With the prevalence of alcohol at parties, on the streets, and even in the media, staying sober around New Year’s can be easier said than done.

Making A Resolution For Sobriety

Every year, millions of people make resolutions for what they hope to accomplish in the new year. They can be goals to improve their health and lifestyle, progress in their careers, or even attain some new skill. For others, a New Year’s Resolution is a way to turn their life around. Making your new year about your sobriety can be the thing you need to succeed in 2019. Don’t wait for the year to start, though. A crazy New Year’s Eve can set you back more than you think.

Ways To Celebrate The New Year Without Alcohol

New Year’s Eve parties are known for being flooded with alcohol. Champagne, liquor, beer, and wine are staples for most  parties at this time of year. However, if you are someone who struggle with your sobriety, those kinds of parties can be triggers for a release. Whether you are drinking or not, being surrounded by temptation is never a good idea. If you do want to stave off temptation while still celebrating, check out some of the tips below to ensure a sober celebration.

Attend An Alcathon

For those unfamiliar with the term, an Alcathon is a 24-hour long AA meeting. They are held around the holidays, so that people who have dealt with alcoholism in the past can be away from temptation while surrounded by a support group. For many people out there that don’t have many sober friends, they are an essential aid in staying sober for the holidays. You can search Alcathon in your area to find any meetings or get with your local AA group and start one of your own.

Celebrate In A Controlled Area

Unsurprisingly, many parties that celebrate New Year’s can get a little out of control. Some people decide to hang out in one or more bars or go to a party that lasts all night long. Situations like these can be stressful to people who are battling with their recovery and be a source of too much temptation. Rather than risk it, people are better off celebrating in a controlled area. This can be a friend’s house, a private party, or even a dinner. Staying in an environment where people aren’t excessively drinking can stave off temptation and still let you celebrate with others.

Host Your Own Party

At the end of the day, New Year’s can be a time where people really let loose. While this is fun in theory, it could be navigating a mine-field for some. If you want to have a good time but are afraid of relapse in other areas, why not host your own party? Throwing a party where you can control the food, drinks, and guest list can be the most assured way that everything stays under control. Invite friends and loved ones who understand what you’re going through, and even other people who are going through the same thing.

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Starting The New Year Sober

If you’re ready to commit to sobriety, then contact a treatment provider. The New Year is a time of resolutions. Making sobriety your 2019 resolution can help you start the year off strong and be the difference between long-term sobriety and relapse.

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