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The historic city of Frederick, Maryland is located in Frederick County and is home to many museums. It is a major crossroad in the area and is the point where many interstates cross paths. The most abused substance in Frederick County is alcohol. In 2017, there were 1,423 alcohol related visits to Frederick Memorial Hospital. The rates of binge drinking are higher in Frederick County than in Maryland overall, with over 6% of adults reporting chronic drinking. Chronic drinking leads to long term health risks like liver and heart disease. Long-term excessive drinking can lead to breast, throat, liver, and colon cancer. It can also cause high blood pressure and increase one’s risk for having a stroke. Alcohol damages the body, but it is never too late to undergo a supervised detox and enter treatment. detoxing from alcohol alone is dangerous and unadvisable, but a treatment center can make the process safer and more comfortable. Explore treatment options near Frederick, Maryland and discover a life without the constraints of alcoholism.

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