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Cleveland is nestled against Lake Erie and is one of the largest cities in Ohio. It faces many of the same challenges in managing drug use as the other cities and states surrounding it. Alcohol for instance has been in high demand, especially during the COVID-19 quarantines. Sale of alcohol throughout Ohio in March of 2020 was 20% higher than February and 27% higher than January. While adjusting to a pandemic is difficult for everyone, self-medicating is a bad way to handle stress and can lead to addiction. Ohio was hit exceptionally hard by the opioid epidemic and considering the danger posed by other substances like cocaine and alcohol, it’s been a tough decade for Cleveland. Fentanyl is so devastating throughout Ohio and in Cuyahoga County that in most years after 2016, it’s involved in anywhere from 100 to 150 more deaths when compared to heroin. Since 2015, cocaine has grown in popularity around Cleveland which has unfortunately put Cuyahoga County on track to increase the number of overdose deaths for the first time in three years. Maybe this new-found love of cocaine is a sign that opioids are on the way out. Trending data indicates that opioids may be on the downturn, but in their place cocaine and methamphetamine seem to be filling the vacuum. Rampant drug trafficking is fueling the meth trade throughout Ohio and into other states as well. Avoiding these types of coping mechanisms, even if the pandemic has taken economic stability from you or social stability is just a losing battle. If you’re struggling, please reach out to a treatment center near you.

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