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Florida is a popular state for its warmth and fun activities. Among the many popular cities including Miami, Tampa and Orlando. Despite the state’s reputation for sun and relaxation, Florida is not immune to the dangers that arise from the Opioid Epidemic. Drugs like fentanyl have surfaced on the streets of Florida. Furthermore, carfentanil—an extremely potent but fatal Opioid has surfaced, causing deaths. Meth abuse has also soared significantly. Cities like Miami have tapered off from cocaine in the past, but have made a return to it in the past few years. Palm Beach county and Miami-Dade county have had high rates of substance abuse compared to other counties in the state. Regardless, there are many ways those struggling with substance abuse can find help in the many cities in Florida. With Florida’s reputation as the rehab capital of the U.S. there are options for everyone, every age group and many accommodations.

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