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In the beautiful Caribbean rests the enchanting Virgin Islands. The unincorporated territory consists of about 50 islands and cays. However, most of the island's citizens live in St. Croix, St. John, and St. Thomas. The inlets and bays are best known for having some of the whitest beaches in the Caribbean and stunning deep-water harbors. The U.S. Virgin Islands are a popular vacation spot for tourists worldwide. Still, many do not know that the territory is dealing with an unprecedented drug crisis. The U.S. Virgin Islands is, unfortunately, a popular port among drug traffickers in the Caribbean. It is estimated that over 100 grams of cocaine per resident flow through the island's colorful streets. Due to the high rates of drug trafficking, the Virgin Islands is also battling through high crime rates and addiction. The territory has a murder rate of 52.64 for every 100,000 people (one of the highest in the nation) and increased drug use. The drug crisis on the beautiful island is disheartening. Still, there is hope; there are several addiction treatment centers ready to help. Check out some local options.

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