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Also known as “The Land of 10,000 Lakes” and “The North Star” Minnesota is an interesting midwestern state. While many of its neighbors are dependent almost solely on agriculture, Minnesota has diversified its economic portfolio to include financial and service based industries. Most of its residents live between the cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis, which has centralized many of the business and governmental bodies in the state. Like many places throughout the US, Minnesota is trying to manage meth use in its borders. Drug task force officials relayed that meth busts and the work related to subverting trafficking and use is taking up more of their budget than most other substances. While opioids aren’t as popular in Minnesota, synthetic options succeed for many of the same reasons as meth: abundant supply, low cost, and powerful effect per use. On the legal side, alcohol use is relatively low in the state. Binge drinking rates have surpassed 20% of the drinking population, though this seems to be an issue with the national drinking culture rather than a Minnesota specific problem. Don’t let issues with drugs and alcohol control your life. Find a treatment center near you and learn more about what you can do to regain a healthy and happy life.

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