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The Northeastern state of New Jersey is known for its beaches and Atlantic City and its Boardwalk. There are many diverse options for food and nightlife and a large drinking scene in the city. In 2019, 30,651 people in New Jersey entered a substance abuse treatment program for alcohol as their primary reason for admittance. Over 19% of adults aged 18 to 44 in New Jersey reported excessive drinking patterns, and over 13% of adults aged 45 to 64 reported excessive drinking. For every 100,000 people in New Jersey, 2 people die due to alcohol-related incidents. These deaths are preventable. If someone is drinking excessively, they have an increased risk for injury deaths related to alcohol, like car accidents, falling, and alcohol poisoning, as well as long term health effects like organ damage from drinking too much alcohol. There are many treatment options for those living with an alcohol use disorder in New Jersey. There are rehabilitation facilities in the state and in surrounding states that can be researched for more information. Find out more about treatment options near New Jersey today.

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